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Basic feature request
The basic feature I would like to request:

Please fix the basic standard features of the tent before devoting too much time and energy to fancy extras.

A better filter/pump should be the current top priority as well as figuring out what the white mold funk is that seems to be growing on many peoples clear plastic hoses....

I think the new gfci's may have fixed the tripping issue, but the clicking is still too loud and too often for many people. These are the problems that are frustrating many current owners. I know you want to make and sell a quality product and I know you also want to make money.......but if you want this to be successful in the long run, people need to be truly happy with the tents. The clicking and the white funk mold which may or may not be an issue related to a weak pump and poor filter design are going to make a lot of people unhappy as these problems persist and grow.

Thank you.
Justin Case
YES I agree I havent used my tent in 6 weeks or more. I ordered new filters got them in today. I went to Lowes and picked up a new hose because the other one is covered in white junk. Taking the hose out I got a bunch white particles floating everywhere I also have some slime snot looking crap thats under the water floating not sure if its bacteria or what. I have my pump on and heater on while im away no one else floats. Now i am trying to fish all crap floating around. IF no one else floats why so nasty looking .I dont think the pump is strong enough or filter
Thanks Jeremy. I think the momentum of the Zen Float Message boards has died down, and then switching from the old message board to this message board didn't help. Although this message board is much better (thanks Zen but where are the archives?)

It has become painfully clear to me that the pump and filter system are not sufficient. Others have already gone out and bought another pump/filter......I think it is stupid that we should have to do this. I don't understand how Zen did not experience these problems that it seems all the end users of their tent are experiencing.......

Not everyone who is having problems is on the message boards, and many people are still in their first few months of use. I did not have the white funk slime mold until around month 2.5.

The basic feature we need to be added to the Zen Float a working pump/filter system.

Thanks Zen, please make it right.
Yea I was thinking it mostly me having this problem because I cant babysit my tent every day. Sometimes I gone for work for weeks at a time.I would dump around 15 ounces of h202 thinking it would keep clean while im gone but didnt seem to help any
I think a lot of it is the fact that all the water does not actually make it though the it does not go through the uv filter. I also think the little bit of debris that gets into the mechanical filter bag, just sits and acts like a tea bag.

However, I have turned my bag inside out multiple times and I have never found any hair or debris inside the filter bag.... yet their is scum, occasional hairs and white mold funk debris and particles floating in my water....

How come all that stuff does not get sucked into the pump and into the filter bag.

Oh yeah, because the pump is not strong enough!
I totally agree with you Justin. Making the basic tent design perfect should be number 1 priority. No additional nice-to-have or non-essential features should be added unless the basics are truly covered. I am setting my tent up right now but I quite worried to go down the same path as you.

If the pump system is too weak or too poorly designed for the job, then Zen should admit it and do a product recall or modification. I don't know if that's financially feasible for a startup but if the product sucks then it will also diminish the success of the company.

Nobody wants to babysit the tent; although float tanks in general DO require structural maintenance. I don't see a way to shortcut that with floattanks for home use. After some research and talking with float center owners I made my own maintenance schedule which I will follow on a weekly basis. I will try to keep my tent as clean and balanced as possible. Hope this will work out for me.

I have not floated yet in the tent.. so the clicking sound is also something I still need to experience. If it is as bad as I read, then it will definitely be something that is not acceptable.

Buying a new product comes with certain risks and might have some initial design bugs. My opininion is that when a company is marketing a product beyond the prototype stage, it should be stable and durable. Approved and tested. If the buyers need to improvise with all kinds of workarounds to overcome experienced bugs and issues then something is wrong. It is definitely not for the average consumer to install additional pumps and modify the original product.

I don't want to bash the product and be all negative about it.. but I just hope that Zen is picking it up and don't fall short on their claims.
This is a very good point. I have made some major modifications to my tank. I added a 2nd larger filter/pump combination. I am considering removing the first filter bag and pump completely. I recently started experimenting with adding a fan for extra air ventilation into the tank. Overall I am trying to reduce the humidity, remove some of the condensation, and provide more fresh air as you float.

I am having an annoying issues with the door. Poll number 7 or 1... don't remember which. It tends to slide down towards the ground when I open or close the door. Once, I had a stool near the door and the poll slid down between the stool legs and made it difficult for me to get out of the tent. Need a better way to connect all the door polls together.

I still have problems with small amounts of water forming around one of the legs of the tent. If I happen to move or adjust the cover of the tent it can be a little finicky to get everything aligned properly and stop condensation from leaking outside the tent.

I am not negative about it though. So far I am enjoying my floats, and the modifications I have made have only improved things.
hey RFBAR.. I don't know if you are Robert from the old forum, but if you are could you please share some of the details of your secondary pump once again? I am about to buy one but I don't want to buy a product that is not suitable for the job. I am looking into a cheap intex pump but this one does not have the suction power to travel the water across big height differences. Actually the pump must be on a lower level than the water level. I believe you have the same type of pump? I wonder if it has enough suction power while it has more than 700 gallon/hour throughput. How did you attach the water inlet/outlet hose to the frame of the float tent? I suppose you did not drill any holes in the vinyl to attach the hoses like they do in a original intex above ground pool setup. Maybe you can forward me your assembly pictures once again since they got lost with the old forum? Thanks in advance!
I'm also interested in your setup RFBAR. I tried out a new float place in Colorado Springs and they are using a Zen Float Tent until their "real" tanks arrive. I was bummed to pay full price for a home unite experience, but on the flip side I've been wondering what the tents would be like compared to ones I've tried from the Float Lab.

If the filtering system is sub par I'd like to start with a more robust system. Thanks in advance for the info.

Yep same guy from before. I will make a video here soon been doing some other work. You have to fill the hoses full of water before you try and start the system. Once you do that it starts up pretty well. Sometimes it catches and I just sort of lift the inlet hose up a little off the ground and that extra force kick starts the pump motor.

I ma using the 1500 gallon intex pumps. I had to run them around the side of the tent. It is allot to describe, and probably easier to show in a video.

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