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drive garden area
gross income of the finance that finish 140 million yuan target, drive garden area each career strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position in the round. With the industry filling catenary project is main attack to nod, main innovation enrols business way. 2 foot tall garden fence This garden area holds to " the project is king " concept, make catenary of lumber industry entire industry in order to accelerate be a target, around " zoology, intelligence, innovation " expand a demand, the breakthrough is sought on industrial assemble transition. Match through choosing actor strong, strengthen the composite boards get waterlogged team that enrol business to build, make agree a secretary in charge of sth, can bear hardships, the group enrolling business that gives result. Main assault fortified positions is great project, hold to high end to direct, aim at long triangle, bead the key area such as trigonometry, have the aid of first lumber reads extensively the positive effect that Fair produces, around heavy especially big project, stare at an industry install wood or composite wood decking tiles closely to transfer project of the change outside mixing, make the time of business of the full court that be stationed in a dot in the round.

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