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White Mold Funk on Clear Hose
Hey everybody this is Justin Case from the old forum,
How is your tent doing regarding the white funk mold that was forming on the clear plastic hose running from the UV pump to the filter bag? Well I thought lowering the PH some and zapping it extra hard with h2o2 and changing the clear hose had fixed the problem…and it did dissapear for about 3-4 weeks…
But the white funk mold is back. So a real fix and a real solution needs to be found. I know I am not the only one dealing with this. Please email Zen and let them know that this is a problem for you also. Of all the issues I/we have dealt with since getting our tanks running and operational, I think this is the worst/biggest issue yet. If you have this problem or have had this problem, please email

This white mold funk is a serious issue and I am going to try something new to fix it, but I still don't think it is a viable long term solution. I am going to completely remove the clear hose and filter bag. I am just going to let the UV filter do it's thing and just skim with my skimmer often. I only float once a week, so I am not putting much hair or human funk in the tent that often.

I truly think that the filter bag is not a good system, and I truly think that the pump is not powerful enough.......

Please Zen figure this out.
Hey Justin-
After replacing my clear plastic hose and new filter bag, the white buildup is back. Whats more challenging is that my H202 levels are where they need to be. Wondering if its the filter bag as well.. Still can't pinpoint what's causing it.

Let me know how it goes over the next few days without running the filter bag/ hose.

I will definitely keep you and the forum posted on my findings as I hope others will do as well regarding their findings.

One issues is that it takes 2-3 weeks for the buildup to "build up" so changing something means you might not get an answer for a month or more as to whether the funk is back or not....
YES I agree I havent used my tent in 6 weeks or more. I ordered new filters got them in today. I went to Lowes and picked up a new hose because the other one is covered in white junk. Taking the hose out I got a bunch white particles floating everywhere I also have some slime snot looking crap thats under the water floating not sure if its bacteria or what. I have my pump on and heater on while im away no one else floats. Now i am trying to fish all crap floating around. IF no one else floats in my tent why is it so nasty looking .I dont think the pump is strong enough or filter. Right now i dont feel safe enough to float if continues to be this difficult to maintain i will have to take mine down.

Do you have a skimmer. I found that when I got the worst of my white mold build up, I was able to get rid of most of the visible problems by just skimming 2 or 3 times a day for like a week. You really need to get the water "stirred" up and moving and flowing each time you do this. I was just running my skimmer in a counter clockwise circle by leaning in the tent and stirring and skimming for about 5 minutes each session. That gets the water mixed up and allows some of the white funk to dislodge and float more freely.

The real problem is: Why won't the pump pick up floating particles? It doesn't, but it should. The pump is too weak.
Yes I have skimmer i been using but what really worries me is the slime looking stuff thats not white looks like bacteria or something.
Can anyone suggest any water testing places? I'm in Los Angeles, but haven't had any luck. Thanks.
I usually take my water to local pool supply they will test for free but usually it only will tell me total alk and ph most of the other test are for pools. Im not sure if they will test for bacteria ill have call them to find out
After reading these white funk horror stories I think I will actually go ahead and buy a cheap additional external pump to keep my new water as clean as possible. I don't want to wait until this will also happen with me. I still think that the manufacturer should come up with solutions and answers but I'm not going to wait for that. As user community we should keep sharing our experiences and knowledge.
By the way, in order to keep the tent free of bacteria and fungi on the inside of the tent.. I read it is also good to wash the inside of the tank with lower concentration (3%) H2O2 and I would combine it with vinegar. So I am taking 2 separate spray bottles with both substances, on a weekly basis I spray both after eachother on the inside of the tent, and wipe it clean with a cloth or sponge. This would keep the inside clean and free of bacteria so they cannot easily multiply. Then on top of it I will keep the water solution balanced according to the pH, alkalinity and H2O2 readings. I also add the oceantreat product which I bought from a float center owner, which is specifically designed for float tank water sanitation. This should also minimize bacterial growth in the epsom solution. I hope that this all together with the original UV pump and an additional secondary pump will keep the water clean and crisp. This is my maintenance plan which I have not tried and tested yet. If anyone has some tips or comments to add please feel free! Idea

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