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people who have purchased your product
What you have to do: Study the positions and background of people who have purchased your product (or similar product) in the past. Limit your lead qualification activities (such as marketing calls, email marketing) to those who have similar status. Why this is possible: Because they are the ones who make decisions, they are worth the extra effort you try to establish direct contact with them. If you find that you are always blocked by the door, continue to try the next clue. How to save time: Because you have limited time to put into sales every day, don't waste time calling people who are not authorized to buy. Although it is possible to get in touch with lower-level people and decision makers, finding such a person takes more time and effort than trying to establish a direct connection with the person you really need to talk to. Related links: park plastic replacement bench slats two step process wpc floor decking plastic tile sheets malaysia

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