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bamboo fiber
The advantages of bamboo fiber wall At present, bamboo fiber integrated wallboard decorative materials are favored by consumers. Many people use bamboo fiber integrated wallboards to decorate walls. Its effect is not only practical but also beautiful. It is a new type of decorative material. So what exactly is a bamboo fiber integrated wall? Now let's take a look at the advantages of bamboo fiber wall. Bamboo fiber integrated wall surface in the end is not good - good processing performance Bamboo fiber integrated wallboard is mainly composed of bamboo fiber and natural calcium powder. At the same time it not only has the same processing performance of solid wood, but also can nail, saw, planing, as long as the use of woodworking equipment can be completed. In addition, the nail strength of the bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard is better than other materials, and the fixing performance is also very good, and generally there will be no shedding phenomenon.
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