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give a person with low
porcelain qualitative polish of 600 millimeter of × of a 600 millimeter is controlled 12 yuan only, give a person with low low simple sense,ceiling panels cheapest its exorbitant in a popular style, make those advocate the consumer of individual character abandoned floor tile of pottery and porcelain, then chose the wooden floor board of high quality scales. On the other hand, wooden floor price drops, also be the reason of consumer first selection. - - China builds a journal- - Do 3 quarters come to Fujian this year goodof situation of lumber produce and sale? Depend on of bottom of discharge  diy pavilion plans in ireland subcutaneous ulcer ton row? 3 quarters come to Fujian this year topological features of lumber produce and sale is nice Issue date: 2002-12-4 origin: Since this year, never colourfast fencing it is better still that economy of Fujian forestry industry moves, especially produce and sale of lumber of the 3rd quarter will appear to grow impetus more by force in March continuously, production value stability increases, produce and sale pre formed wood fences joins rate of good lumber produce and sale rises apparently, lumber market is better. Expression is in: (one) from overall look, 1-9 month saves manufacturing lumber completely 2666354 stere, than going up growth of year of the

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