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offer farmer and social
yuan of 100 special fund, in 13 city (county) breed Ma Zhanxiang to think of 1500 much individual plant, offer farmer and social all c ircles freely to pre loved decking used for sale cultivate; 2 it is deploy each city (county) adjust measures to local conditions begins grow seedlings work, if be in the city such as city of water of Wen Chang, hill, Le Dong, Dan (county) breed hemp of wood of 600 much individual plant Shui Peimiao of Huang Youliang breed; In a few city (county) combinative place actual condition breeds the precious tree such as coco, palmy cane, bamboo, teak, Hua Li a variety of seedlings; 3 it is freedom grey vinyl fence as soon as possible holds grow seedlings of complete province forestry to make preparations for ploughing and sowing the spot is met, the examination supervises and urge each district does work of good grow seedlings seriously; 4 it is to breed coco to plant replacing wood balconies with composite seedling 1 million individual plant, offer for coconut forest project enough kind of seedling. Because deploy is seasonable, measure is capable, job of complete province grow seedlings gets very good result, in all grow seedlings amounts to 103 million individual plant, protect a quantity to finished year afforestation task to lay solid foundation character to protect. solid pvc deck sheet malaysia 3, outstanding key,

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