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Energies, winds, and centers: approaches to the cultivation.

Would it be correct to say that ordinary people with little or no meditative cultivation experience have no "direct" access to the subtle energetic structures whatsoever, nor their parts nor fragments?
This means that one can neither "see" nor "perceive" in any other [than visual] way anything related to the said structures, nor willfully cultivate anything within this sphere, nor perform any activity that would even "touch" it in any form.
Would it be correct to say that many passages in certain instructional texts use the language of "think that...", "imagine that...", "visualize such and such movement..." while addressing either guiding energies/winds along the channels, or making certain parts of the system active or open, or many other kinds of activity?
Finally, would it be correct to say that the later approach is used for this very reason, that ordinary people have no "direct" access to the subtle energetic structures?
If so, what would be any practical use of the above? While anyone visualizing "as if" they open a door while actually sitting in a chair, in relation to the door: what happens to the "actual" door?
Thank you in advance for your wisdom in this regard, and any corrections to the above.

Any help will be apprecited.
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