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The goal/stages/results of Zen meditation?

Are there stages in Zen meditation? What is progress? how does it work? Why is it not clearly laid out by teachers and in books? I meditated Zen style for years and went from scattered thoughts in the beginning too eventually a totally calm mind, and I sat with this blank mind, it led too sleep, clearly this is wrong. what am I missing?

As I stated in another post, I've never really done much training with a teacher. What little instruction I did receive was mostly "focus on your breathing" and nothing more. When I asked about stages and progression I got vague statements and kind of brushed off, I didn't know it at the time but I was asking the teacher about the different levels of jhana, he just said "those are just mind states" and we moved on too another topic.
In reading probably fifteen too twenty books on Zen I have never seen any talk of different stages or progression in Zen meditation (at least not any that was clearly laid out). What am I missing here? Even if there's not clearly laid out stages like in some types of Theravada meditation, there has too be signs of progress and changes in the mind that lead too development, right?
If so, why has no one systematized it? Why is there no "stages of meditation" manual for Zen?
In my own experience with some odd years of Zen meditation went like this:
sit with breath, scattered thoughts mostly. six months later, sit, more focus. six months later, more focus. six months later, even more focus... repeat, repeat, repeat, and then, after years of this, I came too a stalemate where there was total focus and next too zero thoughts. I started falling asleep and got too the point where this was what happened every time, within five minutes or less, I was nodding. no matter how much I tried or how long I meditated, sleep. Hence, I moved too Theravada meditation. But obviously I was doing something wrong, right?

Any help will be apprecited.
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