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Home Wi-Fi Question. 2.5GHz SSID keeps disappearing.

I have a Arris Surfboard 6700AC Cable Modem and Wi-Fi router at home. It supports both 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi. I have one network set up on each band.
The 5GHz network has no issues. Every device that uses 5GHz gets great reception and speed. However, I have several devices that can only use 2.5Ghz networks (an older desktop; 2nd generation Nest thermostat and smoke detectors; an older Wi-Fi printer). And the 2.5GHz network disappears once or twice a week.
I live in a condominium, and there are tons of Wi-Fi access points around. A recent scan of AP's showed about 30, nearly all of which were 2.5GHz, and nearly all of which were on channel 6. Double that number, because we're all on Comcast and there's an "XfinityWifi" SSID for each uniquely named SSID. Once or twice a week, all the 2.5GHz devices can locate dozens of other SSIDs, but can't find mine.
I figured channel 6 was just getting too crowded, so I went into my router's config and changed the 2.5GHz channel to 11. The SSID immediately reappeared and me devices reconnected. A few days later the SSID disappeared again. I changed the channel to 4, and the SSID reappeared. A week later it disappeared, I changed the channel, and repeat.
This has been going on for a while. Once a week I have to go into the router's configuration (via the 5GHz network that never has a problem) and change the 2.5GHz network's channel. Is there anything else I can do to fix this? Is my condo just too crowded with 2.5GHz WAPs?

Any help will be apprecited.
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