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stone crushing machine structure design
Aggregate stone crushing equipment accounts for a large proportion of the whole quality . Foreign crushing machine are welded frame, even moving jaw also adopts a welding structure. crushing machine is the development direction of the welding machine. There are many domestic crushing machine structure unreasonable design examples, the reason is not in accordance with the crushing machine actual stress to arrangement of the stiffener.

The movable jaw structure should also be designed to move jaw force as the basis, to meet the strength, stiffness requirements, reduce quality. In addition, we should strengthen the frame, the movable jaw finite element study of moving jaw, frame, finite element optimization design, frame, the movable jaw to light quality and high reliability.

In addition, to reasonably determine the crushing machine of crushing cavity parameters, force balance can be optimized by calculation. In a word, should adopt modern design method instead of conventional design method of the original, and gradually make the domestic crushing machine to achieve world-class level. Shanghai Zenith mining machinery company will also reduce weight as their own direction of enterprise development, and strive to study light weight, good performance of jaw type crushing machine, contribute to the development of the domestic crushing machine industry.

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