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Are you very skinny and bony? Are you looking pale? Are you looking too fat and plump? Are you unable to attend parties wearing your favorite dress? I guess you can hear anyone say Cristhian Stuani Uruguay Camiseta , change your diet. Diet doesn’t mean you have to starve. What does it mean then? We need to give the right amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients for our body on a daily basis.

Many people think that starving would help them reduce their weight, which is absolutely wrong. It only increases the problem. Have a healthy food. Do not prefer junk foods as an alternative. Junk foods provide you with additional calories that are not required by our body. And in order to burn these additional calories Giorgian De Arrascaeta Uruguay Camiseta , exercise needs to be done at an extensive level. Let’s have a look at a few things that can be consumed in order to have a balanced diet.

How many of us show an ugly face when vegetables are placed in our plates? Well I used to be like you. Vegetables play an important role in a person’s good health. You want to see all bright and lovely colors; you can go to a vegetable market. Eat almost all the vegetables on a regular basis. All the green, yellow and orange vegetables are rich in calcium, magnesium Gaston Pereiro Uruguay Camiseta , potassium, iron vitamin B-complex, vitamin A Nahitan Nandez Uruguay Camiseta , vitamin- K and vitamin-C. They have high fiber content, which helps in healthy digestion which solves most of the problems in our body.

Fruits, uh Cristian Rodriguez Uruguay Camiseta , I know everyone loves it. But how much do we consume? As the saying goes” An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, How many of us follow this? Fruits are low in calories and fat. They also contain anti-oxidants. We have fruits available throughout the year. Fresh juices are always the best alternative to sodas and other beverages. Attention ladies! Consumption of fruits will reduce your natural signs of aging. You can stay young for a long time. Add dry fruits to your diet as well. Dry fruits are a great source of nutrients.

Chicken, fish and meat should be given equal importance. All these consumed at a certain amount is good for health. Out of all the meats chicken has the lowest calories. The fat in chicken can be reduced a lot more by removing the skin from them. Chicken is rich in nutrients that includes iron Rodrigo Bentancur Uruguay Camiseta , zinc and phosphorous. Sea foods are wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Fish oils are in great demand in the markets. Are you eating sea food? Say good bye to Arthritis. And get healthy skin and eyes.

Whole grains should be given equal importance in our everyday diet. Whole grains reduce the risk of getting affected by cardiovascular diseases. Milk and milk products are rich in calcium and low in fat. Make sure to have milk every day. How many liters of water do you drink every day? Most of us do not intake sufficient water for the body. We always substitute sodas and other beverages for water. Drinking water reduces arthritis, backache, migraine and colitis. Water is the best medicine that is given to mankind in abundance.

I thought of sharing this article with my mom who was watching TV. In my college I was given this assigned to write. The last day for submission is tomorrow. I came home and did a little bit of browsing on healthy food and diet through the Internet connection that we have with FIOS Bundles. My mom read the article and she loved it. Hope this would attract my tutor as well!!! Responsible Adventures are an ecological trekking organization designed to improve Carlos Sanchez Uruguay Camiseta , protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan mountain rangers. An organization for the 21st century, we are leaders in the organization of ecological mountain treks.

Responsible Adventures were created and developed by a group of young environmentally and culturally conscious former Trek leaders with more than 18 years of experience each in leading treks throughout the Himalaya, The Alps Federico Valverde Uruguay Camiseta , Australia and The Rockies. All of the founding worked for some of the biggest and reputed adventure travel companies throughout their professional careers.

All employees of Responsible Adventures have many years of trekking and mountaineering experience and actively promote the protection and ecological use of the fragile environment of the Himalaya. The Himalaya is home to most of our team and they wish to share its natural beauty and culture with trekkers and other guests. We are striving to instill respect to these sacred mountain ranges, while helping to preserve their historic surroundings, people and culture. We aim to make a difference.

Why Responsible Adventures are different?
Responsible Adventures are among the first trekking companies to design treks in the Himalaya where all refuse resulting from trekking is ecologically disposed of or pact-returned to centers where it can be properly dealt with. Biodegradable rubbish is burned to facilitate quick disintegration. Plastics and other synthetic materials will be returned to base for recycling. We request each trekker to ensure that this practice is strictly observed.

Responsible Adventures are pioneers in the just treatment of all its employees. We actively work on abolishing the mistreatment and ill payment of Trek leaders Diego Polenta Uruguay Camiseta , local guides and porters. Our employees are assured proper wages, as well as receiving benefits that are among the best in the Himalaya. Sharing bonuses and profits between all employees is one the many important aspects of Responsible Adventures' policies.

Walk in the Spirit:

We invite open-minded and perceptive people to feel the Buddha within whilst trekking from lush tropical forests to the arid high plateaus. Rise above the earthly pleasures and perceive the beauty of nature whilst trekking past steep monastic walls, across high passes and into thin air. Experience the openness and connection between man and nature Jose Maria Gimenez Uruguay Camiseta , which. Cheap North America Jerseys Cheap Ducks Jerseys Cheap Coyotes Jerseys Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jerseys Wholesale Bruins Jerseys Wholesale Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys Wholesale Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys Wholesale Colorado Avalanche Jerseys Wholesale Florida Panthers Jerseys Wholesale Team Finland Hockey Jerseys

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