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Pianic bang the adapted corner
The aboriginal 73 minutes, Pianic bang the adapted corner, Lu Jia Ni belted breadth beforehand headed home broke, 2 to 0! Lugani bankrupt two amateur in a row, Pianic about 2 appearances beatific out 3 assists.The end of the game, Juventus to 2 to 0 achievement over Dinamo Zagreb, the group's first-place after-effects in the fifa 17 ios coins Champions Alliance 16 strong.

Juventus full-court ascendancy amount of 64.2%, 18 shots 8 shots are scoring 2 goals, Dinamo Zagreb advance 3 shots 2 times. Pianic advance 4 times 3 shots, baronial aboriginal in the audience, Higuain advance 3 times a shot, the acting came out of the aforementioned three times advance Di Ba La is the alone time, Lugani alone already Advance on the advance is.

Appearance lineup

Juventus (3-5-2):

Goalkeeper: Neto

Defenders: Benadia, Lugani, Evra

Midfielder: Quadrado, Lemina, Marchisio (74 account Sturra), Pianic (80 account Di Bala), Asamoah

Striker: Higuain, Manzuki (85 mins Hernanes)

Dinamo, Zagreb (4-3-3):

Goalkeepers: Rivkovic

Defenders: Pivaridge, West Gary, Hildenfield, Cetoum

Midfielder: Kenezevich, Morrow, Goiak (57 account Fiori)

Striker: Joe Ritchie, Sudani (74 account Stojanovic), Fernandez

Referee: Taylor (England)

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