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artificial commercial forest
afforestation after policy of artificial commercial forest publishs the Fujian Province appears new change Issue date: 2003-1-25 origin: Breed pace to accelerate natural resources of high quality plastic wood flooring manufacturers Fujian Province forest, sufficient play Fujian is located in southeast coastal, hydro-thermal environment of resourceful, zoology is opposite the advantage with huge potential of forestry of commodity of better, development, hall of Fujian Province forestry learns Comrade Jiang Zemin in development " 5.31 " on the foundation of serious talk, serious organization was begun liberate greatly with the thought factory sale privacy fences designs discuss what drive forestry to develop greatly to grind with major key greatly, united understanding further, source of establish as a way of breeds the guiding ideology that is a center, in Fujian provincial Party committee, province the government takes support seriously to fall, came on stage in order to omit governmental name " a certain number of regulations that the Fujian Province accelerates artificial plastic flooring trailer decking materials commercial forest to develop " (Fujian politics [2002]52 date) . Below the condition that shows level to save coast of afforestation afforest job completely, of the regulation publish positive to bringing everything into play factor, lifted

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