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securing air plants onto the fence
panels absorb light during the day and then brighten the night with a soft glow. You can chose from a variety of ones available. 2. Backyard Composters; a backyard composter make dealing with yard waste and kitchen scraps easier. You put your waste in the spinner and turn it to aerate the soil. By keeping the compost slightly wet, it allows for a faster " modern exteriors using wood slats , do you need wood posts for a vinyl fence kit " and better spin. 3. Composting toilets are next on the list; these toilets turn your waste into compost. There are easy to use and environmental friendly. 4. Solar Flashlight and Radio, is a convenient way to combine two very necessary items into one great and environmental friendly unit. Everyone needs a radio and flashlight so why not have one item that does both. Then go the next step and get one that is not only powered by batteries but the sun as well. There is also a crank on it that you can turn if your power gets low. 5. Rain Harvesting Barrels, are the fifth thing on our list of Five New Environmentally Friendly Home Innovations. Many people in dry areas have harvested rain for years. These " build a outdoor picnic table , coffered ceiling kits "

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