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judge a star simply
floor is not to use more it is OK to judge a star simply judgement comes out. He warns customer, not credulous what is recommended and review astral activity. "Family expenses " outdoor wood floor " business is used " not be a standard Recently, about the floor " business uses level " character prep above " family expenses class " discussion cause a temporary clamor, do for a short while consumer not know what to do. For this, lv Bin thinks, this is the misdirect that a few agency use consumer to lack place of wooden floor knowledge to undertake. Move of Lv Bin laugh says: "One runs quickly the car runs quickly with lorry,best composite solid deck who can you speak to be compared? Their utility is different! Their utility is different!! Same, lin Dalun also feels this problem is a bit funny: "Take us for case of Jin Ying moxa, itself has the product of family expenses class already, also business uses the product of class, you let me how distribute the stand or fall that gives them, itself is the product of different type! Itself is the product of different type!!landscape timber deck malaysia This shows, on the wooden floor market with intense competition, all sorts of sales promotion pattern are to emerge in endlessly really, the market that is a maturity only still needs all sorts of methods to come standard,

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