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quality detect association
center and Chinese quality detect association is in its each are draw-out in product of 8 old series a floor undertakes formaldehyde releases a quantity detect, affirmatory product horizontal fence pole extensions did not achieve criterion of national new bid to stop to sell, be opposite at the same time already the mind that the product of work off has free is returned added up to a company to give limelight in media. This activity, let people besides impressive to its self-confidence outside, exterior hollow stairs in portugal still feel comfortable to the foot of its product quality remain fresh in one's memory. Environmental protection is sell a site greatly Clearly, in last few years, environmental protection wind is very driving ground insufflate the home holds city constant close the floor of green environmental protection that the businessman that be mixed by media fries installing a wooden peivacy fence on a brick wall paragraph of time fervently, causing the great attention of broad consumer, people pays close attention to the environmental protection function of the floor more and more. Current association is concrete wood floor outside patio aimed at housing materials of China of not long ago the consumer findings that market of floor of wood of Beijing area aggrandizement undertakes makes clear, what consumer cares most when buying compound floor board is index of healthy

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