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MADRID Cheap Anders Lee Jersey , Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- John Degenkolb of Giant Shimano won the fourth stage of the Vuelta de Espana (Tour of Spain) cycle race on Tuesday after claiming a bunch sprint at the end of the 164.7 kilometer stage between Mairena de Alcor and Cordoba.

The German, who won 5 stages in Spain two years ago, showed himself to be the strongest sprinter in the race with an explosive finish over the last 200 meters and finished around three bike lengths ahead of Vicente Reynes (IAM Cycling) in second place and third place Michael Matthews (Orica Green Edge), the winner of Monday's stage Cheap Cal Clutterbuck Jersey , who nevertheless retains the overall leader's red jersey.

Speaking after the stage Degenkolb commented that he needed time to adapt to the heat and it seems he has adapted well as the day was made complicated by temperatures of over 40 degrees centigrade, which tired out the riders before the race reached the decisive phase with a third category climb, followed by the second category Alto del Catorce Por Ciento, literally the 'Height of 14 percent."

Although the climb only touched that fearsome gradient in short stretches Cheap Josh Bailey Jersey , the climb, which was led at a high pace by the Sky Team, was enough to spit plenty of riders out of the back of the peloton.

At the front of the peloton a group of four riders, including Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) launched an attack close to the top of the climb and the quarter looked to take advantage and open a gap while indecision reigned among the peloton.

Valverde pushed hard on the downhill Cheap Jordan Eberle Jersey , but once the uncertainty in the main group was resolved, the time distance slowly but surely came down from a maximum of 21 seconds until the escape was swallowed up with 8 kilometers remaining to set up a bunch sprint, which Degenkolb won with ease.

Wednesday sees stage 5 cover 180 kilometers over rolling countryside between Priego de Cordoba and the historic town Ronda on a day which should see another bunch sprint.

Our immune system does a remarkable job in defending our body against disease causing micro-organisms. But when you catch cold or in any instance suffer from sickness, the germs had already invaded the protective shield of your immunity and caused you to suffer. You would have to rush to the doctor for cure. But in general Cheap Nick Leddy Jersey , you can improve your immunity in several ways. Be it through your diet, your fitness regime or daily lifestyle. There are many natural immunity booster supplements that you can try to improve immune system health.

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It's an enticing idea of boosting your immunity, but there are only few who really can. In many cases, it has remained elusive for several conditions. For your immune system to function normally there needs to be a harmony and balance. Researchers are yet to know about the certain intricacies of this system. There is no science which has been proved to link lifestyle and enhance our immune health. Researchers are exploring many effects of age Anthony Beauvillier Jersey , psychological stress, diet exercise and several other factors. There are many natural immunity booster supplements that you can try to improve immune system health.

Adapt well to healthy living strategies:

To boost your immune system, a healthy lifestyle is a must. Follow the steps below to improve your immune health and protect your body against environmental assaults.

1. Stop smoking and start exercising regularly.

2. Eat diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits and whole other grains that are low saturated fat.

3. Try to maintain healthy weight and check your blood pressure regularly.

4. Regular medical screening tests for people in same age groups must be conducted.

5. Cook your food thoroughly and wash your hands frequently.

Aging and its relation with immunity:

Aging process leads to reduction of immune system response. This in turn contributes to several infections Casey Cizikas Jersey , like cancer and several inflammatory diseases. Studies have revealed that unlike young people, elderly people are likely to catch infectious disease more rapidly which might contribute to their death. Respiratory infections, like pneumonia and influenza have caused several deaths over the years. T cells which protects our body decrease as we age. Hence our body's tendency to cope with germs reduces. There are many natural immunity booster supplements that you can try to improve immune system health.

Connection with stress:

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What it is

Known among the medical community .

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