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before the market
timber capacity are made an appointment with 500 to 10 million stere, and before the market has a quantity to make an appointment with 50 thousand stere only. composite gate slats Forecast according to the expert home smoked wooden demand to will amount to 16 million stere 2010. Current, our country cypress is artificial forest the area is not worth 60 thousand mus, in be completely fine forest although arrive final felling, produce per year a quantity not to size of a composite exterior panel cross ten stere, gap of supply and demand is quite huge. Come round on a special trip the Jiang Youxu of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences of base survey tells the author: Development smokes wood is a future infinite, the auspicious career with much with one action. Tell from meaning of zoology environmental protection, can fountainhead of afforest barren mountain, self-restraint; From can develop angle to tell continuously, world lumber resource is in short supply increasingly, contradiction of supply and demand is sent more outstanding, be badly in hollow floor tiles inexpensive need of expanding forestry production. Tell from national economy angle, 200 thousand mus of teak forest will be the hill austral Fujian a green " exchequer " . Chen Zhong believes president to also believe, rise ceaselessly as what flowing water of person

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