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Working Efficiency of Ore milling equipment
In response to this problem, we Fanchang in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, a user's actual experience, for example, together to understand the impact of ore milling equipment work efficiency factor. The user's ore milling equipment is made by the user to produce kaolin. The natural type of ores in this mine are the weathered residual coarse-grained sandy kaolin and loose sandy kaolin. The structure of ore is massive structure, sand structure and earthy structure.
After analysis of this user kaolin material, many experiments, the Shanghai world state of the milling machine experts to design a reasonable mill production line configuration. Combined with this example, the following summarizes the following several factors affecting the working efficiency of ore milling equipment machinery.
1. Mill wear parts materials. ore milling equipment with wear-resistant materials and wear-resistant materials affect the efficiency of the mill discharge quality.
2 product humidity. ore milling equipment machinery suitable for handling humidity below 6% of the rock. In general, the moisture content of the product will lead to adhesion within the ore milling equipment, will also cause blockage in the feeding process, greatly reducing the ore milling equipment capacity.
3 product hardness. In general, as the hardness of the material upgrade the difficulty of milling will increase, and the more ore milling equipment abrasion wear faster. For the nature of the material, choose the right mill equipment.
4. The composition of the product. If the discharge requires more fine powder, it should be a sieve before milling to prevent the powder from sticking inside the ore milling equipment, affecting the delivery.

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