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craft of product
promotes the development of craft of product core environmental protection continuously, original creation 2 special purify at plank formaldehyde eliminate patent technique,nature bamboo composite deck tiles complaints rise and surpass the environmental protection level of product of material of industry medium plate. In producing government scientificly, form the system of overall quality date from that provides king coco distinguishing feature alone. CE certificate wpc decking clips Safe production works, the success that achieves plant waste gas or steam is changed and almost 0 discharge, protect the communal environment all round, establish model of environmental protection value for the industry. Return trade of current wooden industry building materials, all sorts of uneven plank products and wooden furniture panel insulation decking price are flooding the building materials market of each district, the brand gathers numerous say wind and cloud under, difference of the environmental protection sex of plank furniture, wall cladding products philippines character makes a person indeed can care. And can those who deserve to send and serve is perforative research and development, production, sale, integrated model wooden estate company is very few, produce segment in the

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