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windows and other openings surrounding
and then in the foam cement partition wipe diameter 50, a thickness of 10 ash cake. 6: Will be good to paste a special adhesive insulation board quickly affixed to the wall, in order to prevent surface skin and lose the role of bonding. 7: Foam cement insulation board glued to the wall, the application of 2 meters by foot pressure flat operation, to ensure its smoothness and paste firmly between the plate and the plate to
squeeze tight, no seams, because the cut does not form the gap, Insert and smooth with adhesive. Each sticky finished a plate, should be squeezed out of the surface of the special adhesive removal. 8: foam cement paste should be sub-section from bottom to top horizontal along the horizontal pavement, each row of board should be wrong slot 1/2 board length, the local minimum of not less than 100 wrong slot. Second, the
installation of fixed parts 1: fixed parts in the insulation board after 8 hours to start the installation, and within 24 hours after the completion. According to the design requirements of the location of the hole with a percussion drill, hole 10, into the grassroots wall depth of about 60, fixed anchor into the grassroots wall depth of about 50, to ensure solid and reliable. 2: The number of fasteners set one per board. 3: Self-tapping
wood plastic composite outdoor cladding cape town
kitchen cabinet door designs
good quality meranti plywood board

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