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Ladies are generally regarded as being safer individuals
GUANGZHOU, China, March 10 (Xinhua) -- With a day-high 106.40 points in his last dive, Xie Siyi of China managed a strong comeback in the men's 3m springboard final to beat the pace-setter Jack Laugher of Britain, winning his first world series champion on the second day of the FINANVC Diving World Series 2017 here on Friday.

China swept all the seven golds on offer so far.

Laugher, who claimed individual title in the first leg in Beijing last weekend, built up early lead and enjoyed 105.30 for his 5156B.

Despite 19.85 behind Laugher after five dives, Xie performed his trademark 109C with 106.40 and surged back to win the gold medal for a total 556.20.

Laugher dove after Xie but made a big splash on his 207C which brought him 59.40. Laugher had to concede to a silver 529.05. China's Olympic champion Cao Yuan finished third 519.80.

"Jack was the front leader while I made a mistake in my third dive 207C, so I concentrated on my own dives. I was glad that my last dive helped me to win the gold which is my first victory in the individual event in the world series. I really appreciate my rivals," said Xie, who became a new partner with Cao Yuan since this year and won two synchro champions from Beijing to Guangzhou.

Laugher was a little bit disappointed about his last dive. "My performance is generally pretty good through semifinal and final. My first five dives were very good in the final tonight that I was looking on to make a personal best. I lost some concentration because I was so far ahead about 20 points lead into the last round. It is a kind of shame but it is the time to make mistakes and to learn to go for the world championships," Laugher said.

Two-time Olympic champion Shi Tingmao of China took the crown of the women's 3m springboard with 395.40, well ahead of young teammate Chang Yani 360.60 and Maddison Keeney of Australia 357.00.

Shi, who had a cold in Guangzhou, said she felt more confident in her dives in recent years. "I made my international debut here at the Guangzhou Asian Games seven years ago. Now I grow up to a veteran with young divers. The more competitions I had, the more confidence and consistence I got."

Wang HanLi Zheng snatched the mixed 3m springboard gold in 333.00, edging Jennifer AbelFrancois Imbeau-Dulac of Canada 326.16 and Maddison KeeneyDominic Bedggood of Australia 324.66. the

World Diving Series in Guangzhou will come to end on March 11 after the men's, women's platform and mixed synchro platform competition.

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