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Nearly 1 in 2 people live with a chronic illness
Fourth of July marks the high point of summer but sometimes kids get left out of the party because there's only grownup food around. Here are a few food ideas that are sure to please your little ones.

Children love bite size snacks they can carry with them. Just about every child loves macaroni and cheese. You can make it special and portable by hollowing out a small dinner roll and stuffing it with mac and cheese. They won't even need a spoon.

Stuff cherry tomatoes with a mixture of one cup of cottage cheese mixed with one quarter cup of Parmesan cheese. Fill a plastic disposable container large enough to serve the stuffed tomatoes , half full of water, then freeze at least overnight. At party time serve the tomatoes on the lid of the container placed on the ice.

For a variation stuff the tomatoes with chicken salad or tuna salad.

Chicken wings are fun and easy. Cut a chicken wing in three pieces. Save the bony wing end for making chicken broth. Bake the wings at 350 degrees until done. Serve at room temperature with dipping sauces. Mix equal parts honey, lime juice and mustard for a tangy dip. Or try equal party ketchup and brown sugar for a BBQ like sauce. Each child gets their own little cup of dipping sauce.

Miniature hot dogs and buns are always a hit. Buy the little franks and refrigerator biscuits. Cut the biscuits in half. Place one little frank in the center and roll up. Bake as package directs.

Grill baby burgers and place in a cut dinner roll , top with a slice of tomato, a lettuce leaf, and favorite condiments like mayonnaise , ketchup, and mustard.

Finally chop tomatoes, cucumbers , and celery. Defrost frozen peas. Shred lettuce and carrots. Layer the ingredients in a small 4 ounce, clear plastic glass. Place a tablespoons of Ranch salad dressing on the top. And you've got salad for kids on the go.

A variation of the salad to go is seven layer taco salad. Delete the peas and carrots and add taco meat, shredded cheese , and refried beans. Add a dollop of sour cream on top instead of salad dressing.

Peanut butter and jelly rollups are quick and fun. Spread a flour tortilla with peanut butter and jelly, then roll up tightly. Refrigerate for at least an hour so the peanut butter hardens a bit then cut the rolls into slices.

Keep portions tiny. Children are constantly being told to finish their food. Mini meals make it easy for them.
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More grilling tips, techniques , recipes, and menus. Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and loves to come up with party ideas for kids.

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Marriages are said to be made in heaven but there are times when these marriages need help. There is any number of marriage counselors who can help couples find ways to save their marriage. For Christian couples seeking help from Christian marriage counseling this is a way to preserve their marriage. These counselors have not just the experience of rescuing marriages but they have strong faith in the word of God.

For these Christian marriage counseling advisors the realness of marriage is one that is faced daily. They see many couples who start out with high hopes seeking help as their marriages dissolve around them. The counselors whose help is sought-after will try to help the couples, but the couples are the only ones who can make a marriage work.

Today marriages are faced with a wide variety of elements and these elements can often times distract or bring about disillusion. For those of the Christian faith , these distractions can test their belief system like nothing else can.

When seeking help many often times turn to their faith and look for help within the Chrisitian family. However, the same rules apply. When looking for help you want to be looking for someone who:

* You feel comfortable with (both you and your partner)

* Someone who you can confide in

* Someone who has a strong faith in the word of God

* Someone who has experience with marriage

In Christian marriage counseling, some of what is advised is:

* Understand you are two people sharing your lives together.

* Understand and remember you need to work together to make your marriage work.

* Road bumps or problems will arise , how you two as a couple handle the situation is of importance.

* Return to the bible and visit it's teachings on marriage.

From the bible verses the couples will see exactly what marriage is termed as and what their responsibilities to the union are. The Christian marriage counseling will help the couple talk about the problems in their lives and find ways to work out these problems. One of the facts that could be discussed is how each person in the marriage regards the other. Things that could be discussed are:

* Do you respect each other

* What might be each others roles in any given situation

* How do you respond to your partners needs

Once a few of the problems have been talked about the counselor will be able to advise you on what steps you might want to take. You will be told that these steps are just the beginning suggestions. From these suggestions you will have the chance of seeing what else you can do to reopen your marriage. You will of course be advised to talk with each other.

And within this conversation a key element is to stay open and not take things personal. Know that both of you are trying to find a common solution that will work. To often individuals feel threatened and take a defensive stance, not really understanding why. Communication and openness are the keys to success.

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