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We are talking about the new 2008 Honda Accord
NAIROBI , Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Chicago Marathon champion Florence Kiplagat of Kenya said she will focus on improving her world half marathon in 2016 than winning gold at the Rio Olympics.

Kiplagat, who failed to finish at the Delhi Half Marathon last Sunday, returned to Kenya late on Tuesday.

"I wanted to win in Delhi, but my body could not respond. Fatigue certainly was a big concern to me and I had to pull out to avoid more injury ," Kiplagat said in Nairobi.

"I will go rest now and hope to return stronger in the new year as I plan for another world record in the half marathon and victory in the big city marathons," she said.

However, on her prospects for the Olympics, Kiplagat , 28, said she is keen to focus her plans on what she can achieve and what is within her consideration.

"To make the Kenya team is not entirely upon me. There are other people involved and I will not stop my program to see if I will be selected to compete for Kenya in Rio. When the time comes and I have done enough to warrant inclusion in the team, then I will adjust accordingly," she added.

Kenya has over 50 athletes who have run under two hours and 30 minutes , which is the cut-off point for qualification in the Olympics, and to select the best three will be a difficult task for the coaches' panel.

Kiplagat is not ready to put her program on hold and said her ambition is to improve her global mark in the half marathon.

"I am motivated to complete the half marathon in under 65 minutes and I am working hard to achieve my career best feat," said Kiplagat, whose world record is 65:09.

Kiplagat's first completed marathon at Berlin in 2011 was a sensational success. She returned to Berlin in 2013 and won again. In February 2014 at Barcelona , Kiplagat set a half marathon world record of 1:05:12 which she lowered to 1:05:09 this year in March. In October she won the Chicago Marathon.?

A Philadelphia Home Security Company Will Provide The Safety That You Need September 5, 2013 | Author: Tara Daniels | Posted in Customer Service

Even though people have always had to worry about burglars robbing their home, they have never had to worry as they do today. With the uncertain economy the way it is and a high employment rate, many people resort to criminal acts. To protect themselves , homeowners have resorted to a Philadelphia home security company to protect their house.

Having a stranger break into your house is something that folks do not even like to think about. Even though the thieves are after valuables, nobody knows how these burglars will react if they find that there are people in the home. They make even get scared themselves when confronted with this dilemma and make get violent.

By calling up a home security company, a person will not have to stress these things. They will hook up an alarm system that will scare any would be burglar away. Most criminals will pass up on a house if they see that it is secured. They know that they will get caught if they try to intrude on a house like this, and their goal is to get what they want an escape.

When someone makes the choice to get a system installed , they will have many different choices. The company will give new customers a thorough explanation of the many features of each system. The keypad system is by far the most preferred kind of system and chosen by most customers.

If the alarm is set off, the alarm company will automatically know and will immediately call up the owner of the house. No burglar wants to deal with any of this. Even though most burglars will not attempt a break in when they see an alarm is installed, some may be ignorant or think that they can outsmart the system. They will learn that they can’t and will be running off when the loud alarm is heard.

The alarm company will then notify the home owner to see what is going on. They will also contact the local police department. While all of this is going on, many alarm companies will have a patrol guard go to the house to check things out. Having an alarm system is the wisest thing anyone can do.

It does not make any sense for a household to not have an alarm system installed. Insurance companies will lower their rate when a house has the highest security measures. The insurance savings alone will be enough to pay for the bill. With that in mind , there can never be anyone who can say that they cannot afford it. Instead, a person should say to themselves that they cannot afford to not have it. Having an intruder invade on your personal property will give you a feeling that you cannot know unless it happens to you.

Those looking for a Philadelphia home security company will have plenty of choices to choose from. Looking for a company that is reputable is very important. The most important thing someone will want to remember is to ask all necessary questions. All companies are not the same, and some are better than others. This will range from their system installation, customer service and response time. A person should not pay attention to costs only. Just because a certain company is cheaper does not mean that they are better.

You can visit the website alert1fireprotection for more helpful information about A Philadelphia Home Security Company Will Provide The Safety That You Need

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