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Jan 7 , 2014 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on ''Growing Focus on Clean Energy Leading to Increased Investments in Advanced Energy Storage Market" have the potential to substantially reduce conventional fuel demand in the energy generation and transportation sector.


The enhanced capability factors of advanced energy storage systems, which include: high energy efficiency, high energy, high power density, fast charging times , high reliability, high cycle times, low disposal issues, long life and low carbon footprints, have triggered a growth in demand for these products and therefore increased investment. Advanced energy storage systems include systems and devices that store energy for use at a later time, these technologies have come to the attention of corporations and policymakers across the world due to their capabilities in storing electricity more efficiently and effectively. Rising energy demand , declining oil reserves and fluctuating oil prices are encouraging the development of advanced energy storage systems. Advanced energy storage systems, including advanced batteries and ultra-capacitors, have the potential to substantially reduce conventional fuel demand in the energy generation and transportation sector.


- Market prospects for increased investments in the advanced energy storage market
- Key technological applications of energy storage systems
- Current energy storage market investments trends offered by different types of financial transactions
- Opportunities for investors with increased regulatory support for the development of energy storage systems

Reasons to buy

- Identify the key growth and investment opportunities in the advanced energy storage market
- Gain insights on the growth potential of energy storage with increased policy and funding support
- Developing strategies based on the latest regulatory events
- Facilitate decision-making based on the investment opportunities offered by advanced energy storage market

Table of Contents:
1.1 List of Tables 1
1.2 List of Figures 1
2 Summary 2
3 Growing Focus on Clean Energy Leading to Increased Investments in Advanced Energy Storage Market 2
3.1 Growing Need for Advanced Energy Storage Systems 3
3.2 Investment Trends in the Global Advanced Energy Storage Market 6
4 Appendix 16
4.1 Abbreviations 16
4.2 Sources 17
4.3 Methodology 17
4.4 Contact Us 18
4.5 Disclaimer 19

For more information kindly visit : http:www.bharatbookenergy-market-research-reportsgrowing-focus-on-clean-energy-leading-to-increased-investments-in-advanced-energy-storage-market1
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