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How Can Educational Math Videos Help Improve Learning How Can Educational Math Videos Help Improve Learning November 21 Emil Salomonsson Sweden Jersey , 2013 | Author: Katrina Wheeler | Posted in Education
If you have a look online, you will find that there are many educational math videos immediately able to be viewed. This can assist with differentiation, understanding new concepts, and also for assessment. They are a very useful tool and most people would choose to access them online for convenience.

In the classroom Emil Bergstrom Sweden Jersey , a teacher can select and use clips based around particular concepts, like split strategies and the friends of ten, to provide an example of what they are trying to teach. Visual learners will benefit from this type of learning as it is suited to how they learn best. Being able to show what you mean rather than just talking about it certainly helps when introducing or working on a new concept.

Specific clips of one particular mathematical concept or strategy are a great idea to ensure focus on the task. Sometimes teachers can get carried away and move on to additional key ideas, rather than staying focused on the task at hand. If a teacher is having difficulty explaining an aspect to students Christoffer Nyman Sweden Jersey , a video demonstration could provide a solution.

Some clips will also show a sequence of assessment strategies. This is the perfect way for a teacher to have a deeper understanding of how to deliver the assessment to a student. Clips that explain the possible results or typical responses from each question will also be beneficial in helping them to understand the particular train of thought that a child has in how they have approached the question.

Motivating a child to do their homework through successful self-learning is absolutely invaluable and can certainly be achieved quite easily. This is the result that can occur through the use of online maths videos at home whilst working through homework questions. There is no need for the frustration that comes from not knowing how to work something out because instruction can be immediate, straight to the point, and very helpful.

Some students have a better grasp on maths than others and as such, they are at different levels or stages in their learning. A concept can also be provided in a number of levels of instruction to cater for a child who really needs differentiation. Tailoring learning to individual needs in this way is crucial to build up understanding and to achieve success. Differentiated learning is a great strategy and online learning provides this in both the home and school environment.

Any clip worth watching will need to have clear sound and be of a good quality. You will also need to make sure that the camera has been set at the right angle for you to view any resources that are being used to demonstrate. Some newer sites may only have a small number of recordings Anton Tinnerholm Sweden Jersey , other will have many different skills and strategies for you to view. Look for titles that are clear and detailed as this will help you find what you are looking for a lot quicker.

Educational math videos definitely have their advantages. They are a great addition to a solid maths program and they can help any student who is struggling in a particular area. Look for quality videos that are informative and instructional.

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