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become the current Wood Fair competing
would first like to ask you to give our netizens a answer to the question.what is the best plank length for composite decking Is not the tree growing to a certain stage,animated designs outdoor deck absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing the oxygen function will be weakened? Su Haitao: Yes, trees always have a growing period. Generally speaking, trees with more than 10 years of age are quite complete in their functions. When the mature age is reached, their ability to absorb carbon dioxide will also decrease. Of
course, some studies show that this function is not strong when the trees are too small, and there is some controversy. We are now afforestation in our country, for example,plastic wood composite boards process eucalyptus, many years, five years cut down, in fact, have not had time to give full play to their ability,composite bench seat there is no way to control, because the community really need to use wood, but also Increasingly, in addition to economic benefits are also placed there, we must cut
felling. Fortunately,typical spacing for deck slats after the development of the wood processing industry in our country is well developed, the area of afforestation in the entire country is continuously increasing. SouFun: the concept of low-carbon speculation at the beginning of the year when the most fire, many companies,black plastic wooden fencing especially furniture, flooring and other wood products businesses out of some initiatives, such as Arbor Day planting where to plant a piece of

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