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When you lease commercial office space or rent an office building here you may find that some of your neighbors include Gurnee Mills local mall , Target, Five Guys, Chipotle, and several professional, individually-owned companies. The types of businesses located through the entire village comprise every genre and you simply are bound to be in good company when you lease workplace in town.

Things to Do

For those who like amusement parks, you will be in the perfect spot when you choose Gurnee as your desired residence andor company location, as Six Flags Great America is situated there. In the summertime you may cool off at Vital Lime Cove Water Resort. For the readers out there, the Warren-Newport Public Library System comes with a large catalog additionally great events throughout the year. The Gurnee Park District has also a lot for outdoor lovers to savor.

Dining and Shopping Options

There are so many great dining and shopping options in town. For those who get pleasure from national retailers and company stores , Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Panera Breads Company, and Lone Star are just some of your many shopping and dining options. There are plenty of individually-owned boutiques and cafes to satisfy all cravings.

Lincolnwood is a Prepare food County village which allures residents and business owners for numerous reasons. Located just north of the Chicago city limits, this village provides residents and business owners leasing office space there the opportunity to be close to Chicago yet maintain a suburban atmosphere while doing so. According to the 2000 census , 12, 359 people called this town home. Lincolnwood is only two. 7 square miles but packs lots of great things in it’s small geographical area.

About the Residents

Residents here benefit from the close proximity to Chicago but equally appreciate the reality that they are outside this big city limits. The median family income these residents was $83, 687 in 2000 and also the median home value in 2005 was $401, nine hundred. A little less than 13 in the households had children inside them and 67. 2% of all households contained married adults. The occupations of your residents were wide and varied ranging anywhere from around retail professionals to doctors and everywhere in between.

Business Atmosphere

Whether you decide to lease or purchase office space here, either is a good move to make. Business owners who lease commercial workplace in the village or purchase their office buildings find that the locale is ideal as those clients with whom they trade can reach the offices with ease and won’t have to face parking issues such as within the Chicago city limits. Metra and Pace lines offer individuals an excellent public transportation options, including but not just consumers but business owners and employees additionally. This village is in close proximity to I-94 and I-90 which gives drivers an easy way to get to and in the village and work with your company.

Other Establishments

When you lease office space in the village, you may discover that your business neighbors range anywhere from small, private companies to large corporations. Some in the larger employers within Lincolnwood involve Bell and Howell Postal Systems , Eastman Kodak Company, Ada Sheet metal Products, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. and Saks, Inc.

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