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lake city examines
transmission, transmission risk is bigger. Additional, lake city examines quarantine bureau port checks personnel to still be in same it is important that in approving lumber,are composite tiles strong enough for above ground pool number head was intercepted and capture forest is opposite in evil living things long small moth. To put an end to these harmful biologic transmission diffuses, Chinese custom: 2China imported log and sawn timber 17 years June 7.74 million stere Newest statistic number outdoor deck flooring shows Chinese custom, log of portion our country and volume of sawn timber import were 7.74 million stere in June 2017, 1-6 month is 43.92 million stere. With photograph of the corresponding period increased last year 12.9% What bottleneck will board industry O2O face? Internet changed a lot of traditional industries, for instance meal common composites deck Redwood City course of study ever swung to a group to buy for a time, home appliance course of study begins 020 courses, garment industry abandons the successful example in B2C mode like Han Dou garment. But an industry wanders outdoor flooring for terrace in the doorway flounder of Internet however, it is traditional board industry. Face each convention trade to try water O2O in succession, this is the cardiac of plate company potion that gave numerous tradition more. However, can board industry

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