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New York Giants News: Jim Schwartz, Josh McDaniels Among Top Candidates In Head Coa
After a highly disappointing 2017 season, the Giants cut ties with head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese before the season ended, confirming big changes are in store for a team that has won two Super Bowls with quarterback Eli Manning.

After hiring Dave Gettleman as general manager, though the list could soon be dwindling. Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien was thought to be a potential candidate but he reportedly expects to stay put, the next task is hiring a head coach. The Giants appear to have several candidates in mind, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also bringing back Dirk Koetter.

Four out of Giants' top five coaching candidates are in the playoffs, so a decision may not be made for several weeks. Here's an early look at who the Giants might hire.

The former Detroit Lions head coach and current Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator is considered the favorite. In five seasons with the Lions, Schwartz reached the playoffs once and had a 29-51 record.

But Schwartz, 51, has done a solid job running the Eagles' defense over the last two seasons. He is considered a safe choice.

The Giants defensive coordinator is among the most respected defensive coordinators in the NFL and has stated that the Giants head coaching job has "always been something in my heart for a long time."

Spagnuolo, is still considered a longshot. As interim head coach, 58, he had a 1-3 record and had a 10-38 record as head coach of the Rams.

Giants requested permission to interview the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator. The Michigan native is considered a top target for the Lions vacancy and is expected to be interviewed by the Arizona Cardinals. It wouldn't be surprising if Shurmur gives a stronger look to other teams as opposed to the Giants.

It seems almost a given that McDaniels will get a second shot at a head coaching job after his mostly disappointing run with the Denver Broncos in 2009-10. But it remains unclear if it will be with the Giants, especially since the Giants went with McAdoo in 2016. At 41 years old, McDaniels is the youngest candidate on this list and the New England Patriots offensive coordinator has had a successful run with the team since his arrival in 2012. He might think there's a chance he will one day replace Bill Belichick.

The morning after the latest Chiefs postseason farce, coach Andy Reid served up his customary name, rank and serial number news conference.

Alas, say, it’s his modus operandi as an NFL head coach to suppress the considerable personality he’d share, when he was a University of Missouri assistant coach during 1989-91.

So he kept a stoic face and cards stashed away as he spoke about needing time to process the 22-21 loss to Tennessee on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium, time to get away from emotions and consider what was “real” and what wasn’t about the defeat.

Reid must make substantial changes lest he be guilty of an utterly overused but really handy definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

There’s a fine line, of course, between worthy conviction and reflexive stubbornness.

So Reid is right to resist rash impulse as he prepares to work with general manager Brett Veach to assess staff and player personnel in the weeks to come and methodically evaluate from the ground up.

But even Reid acknowledges that changes will be coming among players, albeit qualifying that as “the nature of the business.”

Reid has to strongly consider a change at defensive coordinator from Bob Sutton to shake up a defense that’s gone stale and that for the second straight year simply couldn’t stop the run when it had to in a playoff loss.

Sutton is a personal favorite and a gentleman who has had a great coaching career, but sometimes things just run their course.

And the same can be said about quarterback Alex Smith, another personal favorite to whom this franchise and city owe a debt of gratitude but who seems destined to have a bittersweet legacy here.

By any cold logic, including a fascinating study by FiveThirtyEight sports about the five-year itch between coaches and quarterbacks, it’s time for Smith to yield the floor to rookie Patrick Mahomes.

It would honestly pain me to see the departure of the star-crossed Smith, who had the season of his life and by most measures is likely to have a better statistical season wherever he is next year than the ridiculously talented-but-raw Mahomes.

And if all else were equal, I wouldn’t make the case even if it’s worthy of considering on its own.

But no matter how you break this down, it’s impossible to get past the simple economics (the Chiefs can save $17 million against the salary cap by trading him) and value (what they could command in a trade and how else they could apply the money to areas of need) of dealing Smith.

There would be some one-step-up, who would go through growing pains that will make you question this, two-steps-back next year in playing Mahomes, but he also has exhilarating stuff in his skill set that Smith wouldn’t be able to do and an apparently higher future ceiling.

Because it’s time for another sort of reset for a franchise that absolutely is stalled and was stigmatized anew with a preposterous sixth straight home playoff loss over the last 24 years.

The defeat relegated the otherwise transformative force of Reid to 1-4 in the postseason here and 11-13 overall in the playoffs, which in a certain brutal twist ties former Chiefs coach Marty Schottenheimer for the third-most playoff defeats in NFL history behind men (Don Shula and Tom Landry) who won multiple Super Bowls.

So what are the Eagles’ plans this week The players were off Monday and are off again on Tuesday before returning to work the next three days. Pederson wanted to give the players “time to get away and just relax.” On Wednesday and Thursday, they’ll work “a couple hours, but they’ll be at the facility. There’s no opponent to prepare for yet,” Pederson said. It won’t be like a typical game week schedule,Authentic Earl Mitchell Jersey, so it’s not game plan-specific. Pederson will then have the players in on Friday morning before giving them the weekend off. They’re back on Monday to begin preparing for the Jan. 13 game.

The NFL announced each team’s 2018 opponents on Monday.Here’s who the Eagles will play:

Home: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings.,Authentic Dontae Johnson Jersey, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts

Away: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars,Womens Zane Beadles Jersey, Tennessee Titans., New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pay attention to whether that Jacksonville game is in London. The Jaguars play a home game in London each season, and the Eagles are one of six teams that have not yet played there.

Because the Eagles sat many of their starters, there wasn’t much to read into the playing time distribution from Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. Rasul Douglas played every snap at cornerback, getting 20 snaps at linebacker. Halapoulivaati Vaitai was the only offensive player to take every snap,Womens Trent Brown Jersey, and Sidney Jones ended up playing 29 defensive snaps and seven special teams snaps before cramps ended his game. Nate Gerry played defense for the first time this season, and Mack Hollins led all wide receivers with 75 percent of the offensive snaps. He finished with three catches for 25 yards.

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people's show, I am going into the analytics of the two teams that will be playing in the National Championship game this year, and what the Husker staff can learn and implement into the Nebraska football program and our endeavors to get better to play for the National Championship., brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital. Today, and how I believe they got to this point

is you got to be from the SEC Conference (alright I'm just kidding, on offense they averaged 199, the first game that Chip Kelly, they actually were fairly balanced, sort of). The No. 1 thing I learned is you got to be running the football. I feel like at UCF, the first game he ever had in the NFL with the Eagles was in D.C. with the Redskins against us on Monday Night Football. Now, no, basically 200 yards rushing per game. I'll never forget, but we never played an offense that ran the option, Mike Holmgren describes coaching Brett Favre: no, and we were playing Michael freaken' Vick. I've never seen coaches freak out like this before in my entire NFL career, except for one other time, that's when Brett Favre, he's like 40-years-old, our coaches were flipping out going into the game. Now, how are we supposed to come up with a game plan for stopping him?, who was basically Scott Frost's mentor in this offense that he runs, I was like "Why are we freaking out? He's 40-years-old." The coaches pulled me aside and they said "Adam, we've played Michael Vick before, no,The No. 1 thing that I learned, no, yes." If that's how his own coach approaches coaching him

Now, let's dive into the national ranking when it comes to rushing analytics pertaining to Georgia and Alabama. They're both in the top 10 nationally when it comes to running the football. Georgia is No. 8 in the country, 267 rushing yards per game and they average three rushing touchdowns per game. Alabama, six yards per carry, 256 rush yards per game and just under three rushing touchdowns per contest as well., No. 10 in the entire country running the football, almost six yards per carry

The No. 2 thing that I noticed, No. 1 in scoring defense, you can't lose. Let's look at these national rankings when it comes to these two teams. They're both top five when it comes to defense. Alabama: No. 1 in total defense, you got to stop the other team from scoring. The other team doesn't score, three teams ranked in the top ten. Now I understand they gave up a lot of points to Oklahoma, but they did play the No. 2 team in the country, Clemson,Authentic Trent Brown Jersey, in the College Football Playoff and they held them to six points so give them credit for that. You look at Georgia, let's be honest ladies and gentlemen, he's one of the best college football players in the past few years., and they played a schedule tougher that tapioca pudding, they're No. 5 in the entire country in total defense,Womens George Kittle Jersey, No. 5 in the entire country in scoring defense and they played five ranked teams this year, but I'm going to call that the Baker Mayfield effect. Whether you like him or not

Here's something else that I did notice. Clemson, the No. 1 team in the country at the time, they were ranked in the top 5. And I also noticed, every defensive statistic that there is nationally, are you starting to notice a theme here ladies and gentlemen?,Womens Earl Mitchell Jersey, Oklahoma,Authentic Zane Beadles Jersey, one of the best rushing teams in the entire country

The No. 3 thing that I noticed between these two teams playing for the National Championship, you got to have your own identity. You need something that makes you unique from everyone else in the entire country.

not only in the country, they have arguably the best running back trio,Look at Georgia, you can debate it. And true freshman quarterback Jake Fromm,Womens Dontae Johnson Jersey,basically all year they said "Hey kid,Authentic Bradley Pinion Jersey, but maybe in college football history, that's 36 points per game. Now Jake Fromm isn't playing like a freshman anymore so give him credit for that., just don't screw up and we're going to run the football all over the place." They don't even run the option, and they average 442 yards of total offense a game there

As far as Alabama, let's be honest,Authentic Joe Staley Jersey, and make you beat him another way, their identity is Nick Saban. He's going to take away what you do best, and they never seem to have a really good quarterback, which is ironic considering that's the opposite problem Bill Belichick has with the Patriots, a la Bill Belichick and what he does with the Patriots. Alabama is going to play great defense, then he flipped over to Georgia.,Womens Joe Staley Jersey, and it's also ironic because Georgia's starting quarterback Jake Fromm, it's ironic how well they sell recruits, originally committed to Alabama

Now, which I believe will be the Huskers' identity going forward, they play aggressive, ladies and gentlemen., they play fast, and I like it

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