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Radiation shielding and magnetic shields could be the best form of protection for astronauts from radiation as they travel to Mars or explore new planets. Radiation in space usually comes from two main sources – high-energy particles that originate outside the solar system known as cosmic rays and low-energy protons which are emitted by the sun’s rays known as solar wind. Researchers believe that long-term exposure to these particles can significantly increase the risk of developing cancer.

Current science offers adequate protection from the low-energy protons of the sun in the form of thick spacecraft walls. However , the high-energy cosmic rays can actually interact with radiation shielding materials to create greater levels of radiation. A project funded by the EU known as SR2S is in the process of developing magnetic shields which can deflect the high-energy cosmic rays the way earth’s own magnetic shield protects the planet from cosmic radiation.

The Solution
The idea to use high gravity compounds and magnetic shieldswas first proposed by Wernher von Braun in the year 1969. He proposed using a superconducting magnet to create the shield and prevent cosmic rays from generating radiation.

Dr. Riccardo Musenich, the technical and scientific manager of SR2S, believes that “the magnetic field generated by a superconducting magnet surrounding the spacecraft would protect the crew”. This project is also the first to investigate the principles of magnetic shielding without compromising on engineering issues.

SR2S evaluates the feasibility of making these shields using super conductors, materials that do not have any electrical resistance, even at low temperatures, to solve the main problem associated with such shields – the desired weight of the magnet. Commonly seen in MRI scanners, these magnets can produce stronger magnetic fields despite their lighter weight, making them an ideal option for space vessels.

Radiation shielding materials need to be cooled down to low temperatures with the help of helium in order to make use of their superconducting properties. However, the SR2S initiative plans to use MgB2, a material discovered in 2001 , which can superconduct at -263 degrees C, removing the need for helium, as such temperatures can commonly be found in outer space.

A Habitat for Mars
Protecting the spacecraft sounds like an easy task, but offering radiation shielding in Mars might be another matter altogether. Mars has a weak magnetosphere and a thin atmosphere which means that astronauts won’t be safe from radiation in the planet. To address the challengs of radiation shielding in such an environment, researchers are looking at establishing self-deployable working and living space that include rigid sections to support life and robotic monitors and folding sections for workspaces. Versions of this habitat could also be used on earth, to offer shelter in areas hit by natural calamities or provide mobile laboratories which make it easier to live in the most inhospitable and inaccessible of environments.

The key to effective & permanent body toning lies within the definition of the word itself. In short, it means to form, reshape and modify the composition of the body that you currently have. The main focus being on fat-reductionskin tightening and muscle firming (maybe even a little bit of muscle building). Unfortunately, there are many myths and mis-perceptions that put a more confusing, and often times harmful , meaning behind the simple concept of body toning.

Print ads, radio advertisements and television commercials trying to push the latest fitness gizmos, spas selling body-wrap treatments, hardcore personal trainers delivering painful & time consuming 'weights and machines' type exercise programs and even supplement companies marketing body toning pills are all trying to tap into the emotional pain zones in people of all ages, body types and fitness levels to make more sales without delivering the desired results as safely as possible with as little cost as possible.

In speaking of cost, I not only speak of financial loss but also the loss of one's self confidence and trust in others who are supposed to be helping and not taking unfair advantage of people in desperate or uncertain circumstances. When hopes are dashed by continuous failure, the spirit tends to get worn down.

But let not your hopes be crushed here because effective, safe and permanent body toning can in fact be achieved without a health club membership, without expensive visits to a 'skin-wrapping' clinic, without fraudulent or harmful 'diet' supplements and , most of all, without painful and time consuming workout sessions.

As a career fitness pro and trainer I've had the great opportunity to work with many people coming from different life situations, physical abilities, fitness levels, and most importantly, emotional starting points. This history of experience has taught me what the books can't teach.

As each brought their own definition of body toning into the evaluation process it helped me realize that all people have their own personal definition of what it would mean for them to be in great physical condition. Some want to lose weight while getting firmer and stronger. Some want to maintain weight and tone up with shapelier, curvier muscles. Some want to build up certain body areas, such as the butt and thighs or core and shoulders and add a little bit of healthy body weight in the process.

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