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flooring industry showing
composition of confusion, the multiplier of two or three Times, such sheets easily broken, moisture resistance decreased. Cheap 'short-lived board' in the selection of the floor surface of the cheap ordinary decorative paper,what is an anti moisture product after use in a very short period of time there will be deformation, loss of light, fade, wear-resistant and so on, and high-quality laminate flooring use three Alumina made of wear-resistant layer,how much should i charge to build a picket fence the cost of the total cost of laminate flooring accounted for 20% to 30%. As a result, we can conclude that laminate flooring below $ 70 / sqm may be the 'pent-board' that everyone in the market is shouting and the quality is hard to
guarantee. Another point worthy of consumer attention, laminate flooring products update faster, the original selling point of obsolescence is about to be eliminated,bamboo floors for sale in india the brand floor will be at a cost or below the cost of the price to promote, to clean up inventory, the occasion Introduced new products, consumers can rest assured that these products to buy. In addition, with the popularization of the consumption of laminate flooring and consumer awareness raising,composite decking as garden border most consumers nowadays pay much attention to the quality of flooring while they pay attention to the quality problems of flooring accessories and accessories. Experts advise consumers, while
paying attention to the quality of accessories and accessories, be sure to purchase the accessories and accessories that are matched with the flooring or grey garden fencing In view of the current mixed wood flooring products and services mixed phenomenon, in order to ensure safe consumption, it is recommended that consumers should not seek cheap, according to their needs and economic ability to choose a brand, reputable products,grooved bender board such as quality management through the ISO9001 certification , Environmental protection through the ISO14001 and access to China's environmental labeling product certification, etc., in particular, such as the Holy Elephant, Rhine

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