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Solid wood flooring paint white reason
Wood flooring paint whitening refers to the coating process and just finished coating surface was milky white. The coating film is not only white, but also white like a cloud of whitening phenomenon. Whitish This situation occurs in high-humidity environment, spraying volatile coatings occasions, severe complete loss of light, the coating appears microporous, is due to rapid evaporation of solvent within the paint, so that Tu surface temperature decreases, resulting in atmospheric moisture In the paint surface condensation, sinking into the coating and lead to resin precipitation and white.
Solid wood flooring paint surface whitening reasons: 1, the construction environment humidity is too large, the floor coating process is too thick, the diluent used poor quality and other reasons, because the summer high temperatures, air humidity in some areas. Drying time of the paint layer with the temperature increased, but the hard work time is relatively slow, 2, the painter in the floor construction process, may ignore the hard work time, and in the paint layer dry, immediately on the other A paint. Resulting in the bottom of the paint is not completely dry. In rainy days or high humidity weather, prone to paint the phenomenon of white.
3, the temperature of the floor spraying cold, especially when the temperature of the coating is below room temperature; spray indoor air circulation is poor, but also the lack of heating equipment. Solid wood flooring paint surface whitening solution: 1, in the summer use of wood floor paint decoration process, to focus on grasping the thickness of the film during the construction process, it is recommended thin coated several times. 2, to master the construction of the intermittent time, must be in the paint layer of hard work, and then proceed to the next process construction.
To ensure the quality of wood construction. 3, wood and to be painted surface temperature to be consistent, not in the cold wood painting. Water-based paint can be applied in the sun and dry, but to avoid painting on hot surfaces. Solid wood flooring paint surface whitening Note: 1, the spraying place appropriate heating, increase the dryness, improve the ambient temperature. 2, the use of good quality, volatile slower diluent. 3, at the same time we should pay attention to the construction conditions are: temperature 10 ~ 30 ℃; relative humidity 50% ~ 80% (the best condition is about 23 ℃, modest not more than 70%), too high or too low temperature and humidity may lead to Tu Loaded effect.
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