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extensive use of inferior
amount of the current varieties, so more than 90% of the vendors by SBS name, selling 'SBS content is very small, even without SBS, with waste rubber powder to replace' product. In accordance with the provisions of Beijing, not SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, January 1, 2008 ban in the construction of Beijing use.
However, unannounced visits, many vendors are still blatantly to reporters to ensure that 'the use of these products can be issued a qualified test report.' In addition, the product intermediate users and vendors collusion, layers of exploitation, at the expense of material quality, extensive use of inferior products, but also lead to waterproof
coil failure rate is always around 80% of the main reasons. In a few days ago held a waterproof membrane quality upgrade forum, some representatives of the production enterprises outspoken, even with 'forced Liang prostitutes' to describe all kinds of crimes. 'Crime' includes: Some developers in order to pursue profits, try to reduce
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