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Will e-textile take the place of traditional textile?
At present, many emerging matters appear in textile industry, such as e-textile. The e-textile can make you clothes like a computer. If you wear clothes made of e-textile, you can listen to music from mp3 embeded in your jeans; you can make a vedio call with your friends through LED screen on your shirt. If you feel sick , your coat will warn you to see a doctor. So the electrical devices may be useless in the future.

But clothes made of e-textile still exist danger. We don't know whether it is safe if we wear these clothes. It may leak electricity. So it will be not replece the traditional textile in a long time. We still need to ensure the quality of today textile.

With good quality, big returns will come to you.

How do you make sure your textile quality?
Of course, machines.
For pilling, circular locus tester;
For abrasion, universal abrasion tester;
For colorfastness, washing fastness tester, crockmeter;
For permeability, air permeability tester;
For bursting, bursting strength tester;

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