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Zen, Your Member List is Filled with SPAM users
Zen Float Co.,

Love that you give use home floating. Do not like that the forums are absolutely silent and no one gets responses of any kind. Maybe it doesn't help that of your 173 members, a huge portion are clearly SPAM. it's easy to tell because they won't have a name like SleepFloater, my name, but it will be lghchekjr or some other gibberish which is auto-generated.

If you won't be supporting the forums I'd recommend taking them down permanently. I understand you all are busy, but I think a really super forum should be happening because I see lots of posts from owners of these outside of the forum and recent posts and questions. I'd be happy to manage an independent forum outside of here which you could be administrators on along with me. Right now I think the forum's silence and SPAM-centric membership is hurting your brand and not providing any value. If you are going to manage, support it and regain discussions here, please clean up the membership of spam members some of which have spam links in their profile. It took me maybe 5 minutes from joining to see how big the problem was. And it dissapointed me that for weeks there are outstanding posts with zero responses, not even from admins.

I'd say refocus on your core business and maybe try to corral the discussions back when the company can manage it at least away from spam members.


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