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Excellent equipment
Group orders will total more than 700 million euros. In 2010, Asia has developed into a major buyer of Siempelkamp products. Only in China, in the large demand and the process of urbanization under the stimulation, signed nine hot pressing production lines, including seven 4 \u0026 lsquo; hot pressing production line. Introduced in 2007, the small 4 \u0026 rsquo; line model with a number of advantages to meet the special needs of Chinese factory operators. Excellent equipment quality and high production efficiency as well as a reasonable price in 2010 for 4 \u0026 lsquo; line won 7 Chinese customers and 1 Vietnamese customers. Five orders for medium-density fibreboard production and two orders from Turkey, signed by customers from Thailand, Korea and Vietnam, have achieved new orders for new orders from Asia. " how to make an outdoor deck smooth again , least expensive concrete floor finishes , Decking surface materials , 8 ft wide wood fence panels "

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