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Full Version: construction of sound insulation
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This kind of thin and economical fiber is mainly designed for the construction of sound insulation and sound insulation Outdoor Floor Exporters Online .It will replace all other atrial septal materials to save volume. Application site: 1, all types of 2, car's mute version 3, office partition 4, auditorium and concert hall 5, studio 6, sound-absorbing silencer 7, power station 8,Workshop 9, classroom and lecture hall 10, factory 2, advantages: 1, Shi Zuoshi safety and clean. 2, can be used in all building occasions 3, decorative and special design effect 4, installation simple 5, installation cost is low 6, The composite sound-absorbing board is a kind of composite sandwich structure. It is based on the technology of high-quality elastic sound insulation. " laminate flooring vs composite , australia plastic interlocking wall cladding , belgium hurdle fencing , teak tile deck philippine "